Wednesday, 25 March 2015

My New Love Affair

I haven't been posting many photos recently on this blog and there are two big reasons for that. The first is that I have been unwell (although my bloodtests came back clear this week - Hooray!!) and the second is that I have fallen in love with Instagram and I have been obsessing over it (find me at laura.brandon if you are on it).

A few years ago I wrote this post where I vowed never to use it or it's instagrammy filter effects BUT I have almost completely changed my mind since I got a smart phone. I love being able to share my photos so easily with so many people and there are so many inspiring photographers out there to follow. I don't use the instagram filters though unless I'm using them subtly. If it's not at 100% opacity it doesn't count, right?!

However it doesn't render the blog completely redundant for photos. For instance I couldn't post this photo of a rainy scene in the castello di Rivoli because of the tiny square format.

Classic Italian Parenting style - always 1 step behind and on the phone!


Anneka Lott said...

I am also madly in love with Instagram :-) have just followed you! :-)

Rowena said...

And I remember that post! Until I have an absolute need for a smartphone, instagram and I will never meet. Maybe that will change if we move to France or Switzerland, who knows?

Laruchka said...

@annekathanks for following!
@rowena Haha funny that you remember that post. It's such a cliche but now I have a smart phone I wonder why I waited so long to get one. My monthly plan costs the same!