Thursday, 6 November 2014

Zzzapped! Italian Health and Safety strikes again.

Yesterday, much to my consternation, I turned on the tap only to discover that water was soon pouring out from the cupboard below all over my new kitchen's floor. You'll never guess what happened next.

Or maybe you will.

I turned the tap off.

I turned the tap off and got a nice little zap in the process. Unknown to me the water had gone all over the plug socket of the dishwasher, which is situated.... that's right... out of sight, right under the tubes of the sink!

At first I was pretty pissed off with the Italian designer of the kitchen. Given the noise I soon realised the elctricity needed to be turned off quickly! Then it dawned on me that I was bloody lucky. Maybe it was because I kept my slippers dry. Whilst the fuse was royally blown and was replaced this morning, I wish I could say the same for my mood.

This morning (my arm was no longer tingling)  I was trying to explain to the electrician in typical irritating ex-pat style,
"...but... but, in England they put the sockets up above the machine and they have special switches."
"Oh, like, regulations?"
"Yes, buiding regulations!"
"Yes we have those here too." *Shrugs in a way that explains everything.*

Somethings Italians are great at  - like moving house. They are so equipped! Although I don't think I'll get over seeing all my posessions suspended many many many metres in the air for some time. Sweaty palms. Sweaty, sweaty palms.  I just wish safety in the home could be one of them.

Due to the black out and all my books being in boxes I soon figured out the only thing to do was sleep. I think I went to bed at 9.45pm so I was a little bit disappointed to discover the dark circles under my eyes were still here at 7.30 am when I woke!

Suffice to say, the kitchen is getting a bit of rewiring this weekend. AND I might even flounce off to see if I can get a smoke alarm for good measure because Goddamit Italy.

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