Friday, 3 January 2014

Fruit Bread Update

So was 34 euros a kilo too much for fruitbread, is the question you've surely all been asking yourselves over Christmas. I can say that I have, very unselfishly, fulfilled my obligation in finding out and the answer is....

Yes. 34 euros is too much for a panettone, however pretty the bag. A and his family all agreed that last year's 25 euro panettone was more buttery and therefore better. I probably enjoyed the average supermarket bought panettone the most (with custard - yum!). I nearly had an uprecedented 3rd slice, but this might be because for once I wasn't eating it at the end of an enormous meal.  The coop fiorfiore panettone with exotic fruity pieces was also very nice. I have another artisan panettone in the cupboard, so it's just as well that I've decided I do quite like panettone this year.

I also had the opportunity to try Pandoro prepared properly. My friend showed me how to warm it up a little in the oven, to make the butter melt a little and then how to cover the Pandoro in icing sugar by shaking it in a bag. It made a huge difference to eating it. I will no longer dread being given it by students.

In other panettone news, The Guardian published a very anti-panettone article in which the author states that Italians never eat the stuff. This had A insensed. He might even have signed in to leave a comment, that was how outraged he felt. So follow the link at your peril!

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Rowena said...

Bindel must've had a giornataccia (or maybe a whole lot of them) when she was putting together that article. And hello! - it's panettone, NOT pannetone as it reads right now.