Sunday, 8 December 2013

How much is too much for fruit bread?

It's FESTA in Milan. Although, sadly, what with Sant' Ambrogio being yesterday on a Saturday and today being a Sunday and the Immaculate Conception there is no real difference to a normal week. The streets are heaving though due to the reduction in days to shop. We're staying away from the O bej O bej market and the fiera dell'artigianato at Rho because its just too crowded.

Instead this morning we headed for Brera, which was much much quieter for a trip to a famous pasticceria in via Montenapoleone.

It is tradition to eat panettone during the Christmas period and Milan is the spiritual home of the panettone, so many who work in Milan but have families in other places take home large beautifully packaged confections of fruit bread.

A is no exception and each year he gets a kilo panettone from a different artisan pasticceria. The first year I was totally incredulous as to how much this stuff costs - "20 euros for fruit bread!!" - but I've become acclimatised. This year's was the most expensive fruit bread yet, a what-the-hell 34 euros a kilo.

Still, I got to enter a shop on the same street as the 1% and their ferraris which felt somewhat glamorous.*

At least the bag is nice.

I considered getting one for my family, but the ones from the co-op are very nice too and I'm not sure we're expert enough to be able to taste the difference.

So how much is too much for a panettone? I'll let you know if they open it in our presence!

*A trip to The Rich Kids of Instagram suggests, that the 1% do not spend as much time shopping for panettone as I assumed.


rubberslippersinitaly said...

Our little stint in Cremona was also a sly move to get MotH to drive an extra 50 minutes south to Pasticceria Tabiano (Tabiano Terme) for La Focaccia. Not the focaccia as the world knows it, but rather their version of Milan's famous xmas bread. I tried it for the first time at the Re Panettone event a few years ago, and it was love at first bite! Two 1 kilo breads - 50€, and one of them is flavored with green tea!

Laruchka said...

I'm glad to hear we're not the only ones. I quite like panettone, but not as much as mince pies!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Love the stuff myself. Yes, do let us know and .... Merry Xmas!