Tuesday, 13 August 2013

How we won the race and saw Hugh Grant

The many wonders of Glendurgan Gardens

Other than Kayaking, there were two other major highlights of the trip to Cornwall for me. The first was our trip across the foot ferry to Glendurgan gardens, owned by the National Trust. A friend had recommended them and someone in the cottage's guest book had written that they were THE SECOND BEST GARDENS IN BRITAIN so we knew we had to go.

I gather it's more of a spring garden, but it looks excellent in August too. It has all kinds of plants you would never see in England normally like banana trees, tree ferns and agaves. It even has it's own small fishing village and beach, but the best thing about the garden is the maze. It's very pretty to look at and even more fun to explore.

On a school trip to Longleat, I had rather a bad experience getting very lost by myself in the maze (THE LONGEST MAZE IN THE WORLD) and I wasn't old enough to see over the tops of the hedges. I'm not sure how long I was in there for but I never found the centre and eventually had to give up. The only problem with mazes is that it's very easy to get in and very hard to get out. I saw some very relieved teachers' faces when I eventually got back out.

I have to say though that that attempt only made me more determined this time round, as I had the benefits of of experience and being taller. A and I did the obvious thing to do which was to challenge my mum and dad to a race to the centre and very magnanimously let them have a head start. Fortunately for us they immediately took a wrong turn at the start by trying to head for the centre. Novices!

That's a nice maze.

Top tips for mazes:

1)The maze designer is determined that you shall see every corner of their design so it actually makes sense to head away from the centre at the start.

2) Or if you want to complete it quickly, look at the design from a distance and work your way backwards from the centre, but that's just cheating really.

3) Do the maze with someone else, who is preferrably carrying water and snacks, to avoid mental breakdowns if you get totally lost.

You're going the wrong way!

So we won and relaxed by watching them find their way to us and were very gracious in victory I must say. So it was a bit of a surprise when they announced they had won a second race of the day, which was the one to get out the exit of the maze, and since they didn't tell us about this race it hardly seemed fair.

I realise this story is disappointing if you thought we were going to see Hugh Grant in the maze but it was poor title choice on my part. No that is a different story... but before you read it you should know that my dad just can't stand Hugh Grant films.

The evening of our trip to the gardens A and I went to the pub with my mum to hear some local band play. The pub was great, people were mooring their boats to it's jetty and the music was celtic, the kind that makes you tap your feet, and business was booming. We had already reserved a table for the next night.

Walking down the steep hill into the village in the drizzle the following evening we had to make way for a middle aged geezer coming up the hill. He looked a bit miserable and hungry in his rain coat and walking boots. It was only when he had gone past that my mum and A started whispering excitedly that it was himself, that I had another look, but all I could see were two hairy legs in shorts disappearing up the hill. It was too late and a bit annoying, but I wasn't really convinced they were right because my dad hadn't recognised him either.

It was only when we got to the pub that it got very annoying. The bar staff were very excited at having had to turn him away as they were fully booked and confirmed that yes it was he, Hugh Grant we had just seen.  I was lamenting for probably the tenth time that I couldn't believe I'd had a good look at Hugh Grant and not recognised him when my dad replied even more annoyed, that he couldn't believe he'd missed the chance to

"invite Hugh Grant to eat with us?" I interrupted, imagining the fun.

"No, to walk past Hugh Grant and exclaim how much I'm looking forward to my nice pub meal!"

And the more I though about how much my Dad hates his films, the more I thought option two would have been the better outcome.

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Well, at least you saw his legs! What a fun post. Thanks for cheering me up.