Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Out and About - Hampshire part 2

Purple on the Verge
 What I like about this photo is the detail on the underside of the flower head. Lovely Texture!

Red Currants
Out picking berries in the garden before the blackbirds get there and strip the bushes. Today we went to taste the first raspberries and three of them flew out the bush chattering with irritation at having been interrupted.

Little Green Eyes
 This was a very friendly cat. I had wanted to photography it on the rusty tin it was lying on, but it wanted to say hello. No, I haven't re-touched the colours.

The Cloisters, Salisbury Cathedral
I seem to be taking a lot of photos of cloisters at the moment. Shame I didn't have my wide angle lens at the ready for this one. No monks either, you'll still have to go to the Abbazia di Piona for that.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A Village Fete

Village fetes are so very very English and when the weather's nice there's nothing better than chatting with the neighbours whilst drinking Pimms and guessing the weight of the cake, all in name of a good cause.

Bunting and Straw bales


Listening to the band

First prize in the dog show!

Friday, 26 July 2013

A Constable

 I love this photo because it reminds me of the painter Constable, who used to paint such beautfiul pictures of the English countryside. I like how the man is wearing a hat, the early morning sunlight coming through the reeds and the way the man's back points in the direction of the church steeple. I'm pretty happy with this composition.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Out and About - Hampshire - part 1

Hinton Ampner National Trust

A wee bump

Afternoon Magic

Bumble Bee and a Linseed Lake

Lime tree limelight

Chocolate Box

 An - ahem - incident with the car has meant I've been restricted on my photography trips to just my bike and feet, but there's lots to look at and photograph in this neck of the woods. We've had glorious weather - I haven't worn trousers or a jacket once since I got here - has meant lots of outside napping and sketching. Perhaps I'll post those drawings soon.

Looking at these photos I can't help but feel that Hampshire must be God's own county.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

What to expect in Milan in July

Milan in July... it gets hot. Don't be fooled by the grey skies, the heat coming off the pavements and tarmac is intense. Today it was pretty cool though, only 29c.

Serious Icecreams

If you work you'll probably find that work schedules get extra intense in July. Everybody needs to finish all their projects before the holidays start. If you are a teacher you may get asked to work summer camps, intensive 1:1 courses, or accompany wealthy families' children on holiday.

So pink but how will we water it?

While you haven't started your holidays yet, it's all you're talking about. Mountains or seaside? And how will you water your plants while you're away?

Classic Duomo

There are always tourists in Milan, although it's nothing like Florence. In July and August there seem to be more foreign tourists than the rest of the year, and you can always spot them by the entirely reasonable summery clothes they are wearing. The fashion pack, however, don't give up style in the summer, so don't wear shorts and flipflops if you want to blend in.

Oh and don't forget if you want to enter the Duomo, you'll need to cover your legs down to your knee and as well as any bare shoulders (and possibly cleavage).

Smiling because I put on my mozzie repellent... possibly

All the heat takes it out of you, if you don't have air-conditioning. You may decide that evenings and early mornings are the only time you can do anything physical. Or you may decide you are too tired for anything and need a prosecco.  A month later and it will be good luck if you can find a bar open. Or anything open, other than gelaterie, clothes shops and fast food chains for that matter.