Sunday, 30 June 2013

Perfect Little Fern

Found on the peninsular of Olgiasco on Lake Como....

One Perfect Little Fern

It was next to a fountain and the water was literaly seeping out of the rock. One thing I love about walking in the mountains in Italy is the abundance of drinking fountains for humans and troughs for doggies and cattle. The water is always icey cold and very refreshing.

Friday, 21 June 2013

You know you've been driving in Italy when... 10 things.

How have I not done one of these posts before? I need to put this right subito!

You know you've been driving in Italy when...

1. Speed limits are guidelines - not rules. 30km in a residential area? Most people are doing 50km at least!

2. You never reverse to park.

3. You change down to second gear before red traffic lights...

4. ...but you go round roundabouts in 3rd.

5. You get into the car and burn your hands on the steering wheel because you parked in the sun.

6. The traffic light is orange or there's a pedestrian waiting to cross - there's a very good chance you won't stop.

7. You know the difference between blue lines and white lines.

8. You risk parking tickets because you get confused by the words ferie and festivi (holidays) and feriali (working days including Saturdays).

9. People laugh at you if you tell them you don't beep your horn except in cases of emergency.

10. You frequently say "Ma che cazzo fa questo qua?!" to your passengers.

Have I missed anything? 

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Abbazia di Piona - with real monks!

One very hot hot day we went to the Abbazia di Piona on the Peninsular of Olgiasca on Lake Como again. It's usually serene and tranquil, and it managed to be so even with the building work going on.  

The Cloisters
 The monks were walking about in their robes, which is always quite exciting, if you're from a monk-less country like me.

Pilgrims and Olive trees
You can even buy rosaries made by a monk who fulfills both roles of hermit and exorcist. I was tempted to make a purchase, but I already own a rosary and I don't really do enough praying to warrant a second.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Mottisfont Abbey Gardens

Mottisfont Abbey Gardens

I took all of these photos, except, obviously, the top left, but it was too good a photo to leave out. Click on the photo to enlarge and see that gorgeous detail in the fountain.