Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Easter in Rivoli

After some terrible weather, we were lucky enough an absolutely glorious day for Easter Sunday, the last day of March. I made the most of it by walking around Rivoli, a small historic town near Turin and taking a trip to the dizzying heights of the Sacra di San Michele, which is a monastary perched on top of a mountain promontory. It sits over the entance to the Valle di Susa below like a guardian angel. 

In short, I can't recommend it enough.

The Orange and the Ivy

Paisley Rust

The prettiest highstreet you ever did see

The Wise Man Built on Rock

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Out and About - March

This is a new project. I'm pretty snowed under with work at the moment, so doing some serious phototography is out of the question. To get round this, I'm carrying my compact with me in my hambag. I'm not sure any of the photos are spectacular, but that's not the point.

The point is to keep going when you don't know how and do it. 

That said, I'd still love some feedback on this.

Windy Night in Spring

Budding Magnolia

Rusty Red

Wet Blossom in the Fog

Cold Wet Night Lights

Hole in the Wall

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

What's it like to walk to Santiago de Compostela?

Well, I can't help you much, because I too have only ever considered it in fanciful theory, but one of my friends, an certain Luke Darracott (double R two Ts), is infact walking it right now as we speak.

Heroically trudging despite terrible ankle, and filming some stunning views as he goes, you can find his updates daily on YouTube. He's taking quite an unusual route from what I gather, but he's making the most of his opportunity to walk all over the North of Spain.

Here's his first post en route.

And his latest (number 5).

If you like what you see you can find the rest of the videos easily on youtube by searching "Luke Darracott Camino" or just "Luke Darracott."