Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Why don't wet dogs get a colpo d'aria?

I went to a nearby lake at the weekend and sat in the sun while A went for a run. I wasn't feeling so chipper. I think I might have caught the legendary colpo d'aria (symptoms include just about anything really), even though common wisdom states English people are immune to it. However I went out without my scarf on Friday and there was a strong breeze which was pretty perilous.

As I sat in the sun I tried to photograph people's dogs playing in the water. It was quite difficult. I didn't want to get too close and invade their space, but I hope it was obvious I wasn't taking photos of them.

I love the water droplets in the second two photos. It was quite hard to capture the dogs shaking as they run about so fast, but I think photo number two is my favourite. The afternoon sun was already coming in at an angle, even if it wasn't quite the golden hour. The one thing I look forward to with the shorter days is better light for photography!

But the question is: if it's considered deadly to leave the house or hairdressers with wet hair, why does nobody worry about their dogs getting a colpo d'aria?

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