Friday, 10 August 2012

And there were marmots everywhere

Carting that zoom lens around is finally paying off, like I said in my last post. So far a few butterfly and plant shots is about the max of my capabilities with that lens, but some times I like to use it a bit like a telescope. In the hope of spotting more deer, or maybe something juicy like an eagle or an ibex I've been carrying the camera complete with heavy lens around my neck. When it gets a bit too heavy and I'm on the way home I give in to the temptation to carry the camera on my back. 

And that is of course the moment you see a chamois, scarpering across the path, in a forest glade exactly where it isnt supposed to be. An amazing animal it was, much much bigger than I had expected, more like the size of a deer with a powerful body and incedible agility. It retreated down the slope and then stood there whistling at us from among the trees. I couldn't have changed the lens fast enough so I didn't bother trying.

That's always the way though. Animals don't really understand that they are supposed to be found in their  dedicated nature reserve, and that's how I've seen an otter fishing next to a loading ferry and a chamois in a forest. 

So when A's mother suggest we go for a walk to see marmots and athe very rare edelweis I was a little sceptical. Especially when we made it up to this valley where the treeline ends and I saw the terrain. 

Where are the marmots? (Why am I always the slowest person?)
I didn't see any edelweis because I was too tired to make it up to the pasture, but I did see marmots and lots of them, maybe seven or eight in total. A's mum is the best at spotting them before they vanish. I took lots of photos but nearly all of them show a marmotty lump that could be a rock. When I dowloaded them onto the computer I was a bit disappoint with the pictures. 

Except this one. This one makes all my aching muscles worth it.

You can even see its little face.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Macro Love

I'm staying in the mountains at the moment. It's beautiful. We've had a bit of rain but mostly the weather has been glorious. I take my camera out nearly all the time. I'm even carting around my big zoom/macro lens. It's great, because normally I take a lot of sweeping mountain scenes, but this summer I'm determined to get a bit more variety for my 'portfolio'.

I've managed to take some nice macro shots though of tiny flowers and browsing butterflies. Very hard to keep the hands steady without a tripod and to focus on the right part of the plant - such a narrow aperture!

Small alpine flowers growing on a rock

How have I not used my macro lens more?