Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Oooh it's been a while. I've been very busy reading other blogs. In particular I've been reading picturecorrect.com which has been eyeopening. So many good tips for new photographers and old photographers. Fascinating videos from areas of photography that don't excite me at all, but turn out to be just what I need to see to get me thinking about things in a new way.

I've even been showing some of the best videos to A and even he likes them. He wasn't that into photography before but I think he's getting it. He certainly spent more time than normal behind the camera this holiday and I was even able to answer some of his questions about aperture. Go me!

Best video so far was a tuition video showing how do take portraits in full sun at midday. Guess what it really works! I really liked the in the shade over exposed trick against a light wall, and getting the model to hold a relfector under the dark side of the face, so we had a go on the balcony (with white A4 card - no reflectors
in this house to hand) and it really works.


And this:

Are definitely an improvement on this:

That is all.