Tuesday, 13 December 2011

All I want for Christmas

Back to work after five days off. Five days off. I think my brain has turned to porridge. I know my brain has turned to porridge because I when I turned up at work my colleagues laughed at me for staring at the door too long before entering.

It was five days of intensive Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, writing labels and making decorations. I love wrapping presents but like pretty much everyone I know I do not like Christmas shopping. I asked my students if any went Christmas shopping in the centre this weekend and they all said no. Of course they said no. You have to be a bit mad to go when half of northern Italy descends on Milan to go to the Christmas market.

Anyway I digress, because I found something that made me laugh: The top ten accessories of the finto intellettuale ("fake intellectual").

Yes, here in Milan, being cool is not just about carrying an Abercrombie and Fitch bag, talking about how you can't wait for Starbucks to open and a shiny puffer  jacket.  Despite it being male I think this new look is more me, but I don't have anything like all the (quite expensive) accessories I need. It's quite subtle which might be why it took me ages to realise Clarks shoes were a fashion statement here.

Along with my Clarks I unwittingly already own the other two things on the list, (as you know from my last post, I am one of them). So please for Christmas I want/need:

1) a moleskine notebook.
2) a rolled up Economist to stick in my coat pocket.
3) some vinyl.
4) roll ups.
5) elbow pads
6) a cute dilapidated bike with basket.
7) a mac.

N.B. This was a joke. Except for number 7. And maybe number 1. And I would definitely like number 6...


As futher proof of the fact I am one of them, I have begun following la ragazza cool che si compra una reflex per fotografare posaceneri ("the cool girl who buys a reflex to take pictures of ashtrays") on facebook, and have since discovered I have already come up with some of the same ideas. God, I am so unoriginal. Not quite in-focus close up of a Christmas decoration, anyone?!

Consider yourselves tagged on facebook under the caption Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!.

Hope your Christmas shopping is going well!


Anonymous said...

Great blog Laruska!And interesting links.. well, well, I'm definitely a fake intellectual: reflex, clarks, moleskine, newspaper, book, bicycle, patches on the jacket.. oh man! :) But no mac, the true intellectual is a laptop with linux on! Vale

Laruchka said...

Do you mean the true fake intellectual or the true true intellectual Vale? Because probably, yes, the true intellectual uses Linux (I used it once, but didn't like it, so am probably still a fake intellectual).