Wednesday, 16 June 2010

That Summer Feeling

Oops. I, like, totally, forgot to blog last week. That summer feeling I was getting irritated with my students for seems to have infected me too!

Last week the summer weather was well and truly here. It was 32c at least everyday and horrendously humid. That meant staying indoors with the blinds down and pounding headaches at the end of the day. Too hot to learn and too hot to teach. I think I understand now why they finish school so much earlier in Italy than in the UK.

My diary is almost indecipherable as my private students all variously changed their lesson times only to cancel the lessons after all. They probably don't realise that I'm not paid everytime they do this, and one lady in particular has left me at least a hundred euros short, but there's not much I can do about it. The last thing I want is an atmosphere of guilt and recrimination spoiling the lessons and encouraging them to cancel next year. I smile sweetly, tell them it's not a problem and try to remind myself that "true wealth is the ability to let go of your posessions," or so says the random 'yogic' chocolate teabag on my desk.

Anyway, it looks like next year things might be different. Despite A's stress and flipflopping over his job, it looks like I will still be in Milan afterall. What is more, the school will have brand new premises with classrooms, and I have been asked to do some afternoon classes there. It sounds like I might also be getting paid a monthly salary too, so will perhaps be able to stop worrying about cancellations and postponements from a financial point of view. Will be meeting my boss tomorrow to sign the contract, I believe, so fingers crossed for a good pay deal.

So it's bye bye Milan and A. for a while and I'll see you both at the end of August. Don't have too much fun without me!